Flange Block Bearings

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The bearing housing may have two or four mounting holes predrilled into the casting for simplified installation. There are several types of rolling element that may be installed in the flanged housing, including self-aligning, roller, and ball bearings.

Thread-MountBearings. Combine with threaded pipe to mount these bearings in a variety of positions without the need for a flat mounting surface. Bearing Housings. Mate one of these housings with your own bearing to create a custom mounted bearing. Other Pillow Block Bearings. Mounted Linear Bearings.

QM INDUSTRIES QAC10A200SEB Flange Block Bearings

27.8 mm 110 mm
SCC211 50.2 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QAC10A050SEN Flange Block Bearings

1.39 kg 22 Nm
74.5 mm 27.7 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QAC10A050SB Flange Block Bearings

-20 °C LK206G2H
1.88 kg 98 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QAAC18A303SB Flange Block Bearings

31.85 kN 14mm
11 mm 11.5 Nm

QM INDUSTRIES QAAC15A212SET Flange Block Bearings

71.9 mm 0.42 Hz
-40 °C 10.4 Hz

QM INDUSTRIES QAAC15A212SN Flange Block Bearings

30 mm 141 mm
T3EB085 0.43 Hz

QM INDUSTRIES QAAC15A212SEM Flange Block Bearings

51.6 mm 19 mm
UC210G2L3 114 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QMFY22J110SO Flange Block Bearings

6.65 kN 11mm
200 °C 126.5 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QMFY11J055SM Flange Block Bearings

4 Hz 0.81 kg
4.94 Hz C3